Welcome to my Website!

This great portrait of me was drawn by the awesome Scott Campbell.

I hang out at these few places:

I'm really into IPFS The InterPlanetary File System, so I've written a Swift client for IPFS' API which you can check out here

A few things I like so much I added them to the permanent web:
The story of Mel is a bit of old school hacker folklore that I particularly enjoyed. For more of this kind I can heartily recommend the Hacker Dictionary (link forthcoming).

Aaron Swartz's blog entry on technical interviews particularly resonated with my own experience. I consider myself a competent and experienced programmer but I feel just as Aaron did about the confrontational nature of interviews.

Humankind recently reached our solar system's outer non-planet Pluto and sent back a beautiful image.

Bret Victor is a great source of inspiration to me and has also recently made available a nicely formatted Alan Kay essay that is worth sharing.